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About Black Diamonds

What Are Black Diamonds and What Makes Our Diamonds Exceptional?


Also known as Carbonados, natural black diamonds are only found in the Central African Matching Black Diamond Ring SetRepublic and Brazil. Diamonds predate the dinosaurs, and some black diamond deposits are over three billion years old!

An "enhanced" black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated with radiation to obtain a uniform black color. These stones are of a much better quality than a Carbonado diamond because of the nature of their inclusions and the strength of these stones.

A natural black diamond is a polycrystalline, which means it is made up of more than one variously oriented crystals. Black diamonds are different from other diamonds in that they are more porous and have high luminescence. These diamonds are the rarest and most difficult to cut because they can have a pitted surface.

Color-enhanced black diamonds are normally very included and have a large number of surface imperfections. However, our diamonds are superior because we painstakingly hand-pick them, choosing a few stones out of hundreds, to make sure they can be set in fine jewelry. Our stones are guaranteed to be the highest quality, which is a rarity in today's market.

Black diamonds are an unusual, beautiful and affordable alternative to traditional white diamonds. Our black diamond rings reflect the incredible craftsmanship of our jewelers. When set with contrasting white diamonds, the dark color of these stones brings out the beauty of our jewelry pieces. Growing in popularity, our black diamonds are elegant, unique, and ready to adorn your favorite piece of fine jewelry!



Why Black Diamonds Make a Great Alternative to White (Colorless) Diamonds

(from our contributor - Evelina G.I.)


Recently, I had a conversation with a young woman about plans for her future. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for over 5 years. According to her, things are great, they love each other, and are planning to get married. As someone who got married two months after meeting my husband, I could not resist to ask – What’s the hold up after 5 years?  

Well, it seems that they are saving for a diamond ring. I believe, the concept of a white diamond ring to signify an engagement, has started out with Queen Victoria. Since then, it has become a cultural behemoth requiring more and more of a financial commitment.  And now, my friend and her would be fiancé are caught in its snares. Luckily for them, and other couples who want a diamond ring, but don't want to spend a fortune - there is an alternative.

More and more couples today, choose to break away from the mold and opt for gemstone engagement rings.  Sapphires, periodots, citrines, rubies are a beautiful and budget-friendly alternative.  However, if you crave to wear the hardest substance on earth on your finger as a symbol of the strength of your love, you can opt for a black diamond engagement ring without having to give up your house down payment in the process. 

Black diamonds are exactly that – diamonds! The stones are selected and then irradiated to saturate the color. They are cut and polished using the same technique and standards as are used with common colorless diamonds.  Because the stones have quite a character, jewelry designers can get more creative with settings and accent stones – creating beautiful and unique pieces.

My friend did not even know of existence of black diamonds, much less their use in jewelry and their increasing popularity.  The excitement in her eyes was contagious. I think there is an invitation to an engagement party and a wedding in my near future!



Checking Authenticity of Black Diamonds


When buying fine jewelry even from the most reputable sources, customers need to make sure that what they get is authentic and that it represents the exact product that was advertised. This is especially relevant when buying black diamond jewelry, as very reasonable prices of black diamonds may create confusion, since diamonds are usually associated with high prices.  One of the reasons why black diamonds are priced comparatively low is because the stones are 100% opaque.

It is natural that a customer will want to verify that the stone he/she received is a real black diamond. The most obvious way to do it is by taking the diamond to a local jeweler or a gemologist.  Please keep in mind that even if the jeweler who will be testing your diamond seems to know what he/she is doing, or is associated with a reputable store, it does not always result in a correct evaluation of the stone.  We noticed that many times local jewelers will perform the test using regular diamond testers which measure the light reflections from the inside of diamonds.  Because black diamonds are opaque, this test will most likely give an inaccurate result and the device will show that what you have is a moissanite.  There are more accurate ways to authenticate black diamonds. The easiest way to check authenticity of black diamonds is by trying to scratch them with a sandpaper. Only a genuine diamond will stay flawless.

Jewelry Point GUARANTEES authenticity of its diamonds. However, if you still want to get a second opinion and take your diamond to a local jeweler for authentication, please make sure he/she knows how to test colored and black diamonds which can't be tested with traditional diamond testers.




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