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What is The Difference Between Champagne and Chocolate Diamonds?

Despite popular belief, white diamonds are not the most common variety of diamonds. Brown colored stones make up the bulk of natural diamonds. Brown diamonds are mined together with white diamonds.  In the Argyle more



Irradiated and HPHT Color-Treated Diamonds

It was 1953 when Marilyn Monroe famously sang that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but even before that, diamonds have represented love, luxury, and financial success. Diamonds have long been well known for their beauty, translucent sparkle, and more



Ring Size Conversion Table.

If you don't know your ring size, or you know your size, but your country uses a different system, please use the table below to determine your size. Bookmark this page for your future inquiries. When measuring your finger, please make sure your measurements are 100% accurate as even a fraction of a millimeter can make a difference in the ring size and more 



Morganite - Rare Yet Affordable Beauty

Soft clear pink is an appealing, universally flattering color that has many pleasant associations: sunrise on a fair spring day, a freshly-unfurled tea rose, the bright smooth complexion of a healthy young child, or the sweet appeal of a ripe succulent summer fruit, such as a more



Yellow Gold - A Timeless Trend

Since the ancient times gold has been a prized commodity treasured for its ability to remain untarnished when exposed to air and water. In its pure form it is a bright yellow metal that is soft and more



Cuts & Shapes of Diamonds and Gemstones

When a raw gemstone is deemed valuable for use in jewelry it is cut to maximize its natural color and light reflective properties. Cutting diamonds is different from cutting other precious stones. While diamonds are the hardest substance naturally found on more



Jewelry Point vs Competition

Many times we get asked why a consumer should pick our company versus or any other online jewelry store. There is truly no easy answer for that. But, in order to make the decision process a little bit easier let us shed some light on the differences between JewelryPoint and our more



What Are Peridot Gemstones

Peridot is a translucent green gemstone also referred to as gem-quality olivine.  The origins of the word are uncertain and lost in antiquity.  Ancients prized this gem for its beautiful varied color ranging from lightly yellow to almost emerald green to olive green with a distinctive golden more



A Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

When couples become engaged, the next thing that comes to mind is getting the right engagement ring. While the ring is an important symbol of the happy relationship, it does not mean that the ring has to be that expensive in order to convey a more profound and deep more



What are black diamonds and what makes our black diamonds special.

Black diamonds are an unusual, beautiful and affordable alternative to traditional white diamonds. Also known as Carbonados, natural black diamonds are only found in the Central African Republic and Brazil. The stones can more



Size/Width to Weight Conversion Table for Wedding Bands.

Weight of wedding bands can greatly vary depending on what metal you pick, and what size and width you order. Platinum for example is almost 70% heavier than 14k gold, so the price difference is not only attributed to the higher price of platinum, but also to the weight difference...calculate now



Learn About Tanzanites and Why They Make a Great Alternative to Diamonds.

Tanzanites, which are often compared to blue sapphires, but with more brilliant violet overtones, were discovered only 40 years ago. Geologists believe that they occur in only one place in the world: Africa's Rift Valley, 25 miles from the base of Tanzania's Mount more



Frequently Asked Questions

Read about our policies, products and services. Learn about our company find answers to most commonly asked more



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