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Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

What You Need to Know When Shopping for an Engagement Ring


When couples become engaged, the next thing that comes to mind is getting the right engagement ring. While the ring is an important symbol of the happy relationship, it does not mean that the ring has to be that expensive in order to convey a more profound and deep meaning. Blame it on the social media for conditioning betrothed couples into believing that the love between them is measured by the size and prize of the diamond on the ring.

Here are some perspectives to guide couples before buying their engagement ring.

Are diamond/gemstone engagement rings an investment? It’s true they are a prized commodity that can appreciate in value over time. Any business-minded jeweler can readily claim that buying the highest quality diamond or a rare color gemstone is a good investment. However, it does not make sense why engaged couples have to drain their finances to buy the sparkler just because a glib talking sales person prompted them. Instead, couples must focus their finances on what they need to prioritize at the present time and not on the rock’s future value.

How much budget must be allotted? Have a fixed budget and be firm on staying within it. Do not be pressured by the sales people into buying something beyond the financial limit even if tempting offers are dangled before you. Buying an expensive engagement ring is not about impressing people, but getting something that will epitomize your endless love.

As a general rule, a diamond with a balanced proportion of the “Four Cs”- color, clarity, cut, and carat fetches a high price. Couples who dream of getting the perfect diamond need to think logically about the more practical ways of using the money like as start-up capital for a business or for the children’s education. A diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but when the finances are drained, the couple may end up as worse enemies.

Should couples buy their engagement rings together? Traditionally, the groom-to-be surprises the future wife with a diamond engagement ring. This means that the ring was purchased by the man guessing about the size and the style without considering what the woman prefers. At this stage of the relationship start making important decisions together by bringing the lady love to find the ring that matches her taste and fits her finger without going overboard the set budget.

Are there practical ways to save money when buying engagement rings? Truly, there are. If couples cannot really afford to get an expensive ring, it is more practical to start with something as precious other than a diamond engagement ring. It is always possible to upgrade when finances are less tight. Couples can choose from any these alternative ways of buying their ring to represent the purest meaning of their deep affection for each other.


  •  Reset a family heirloom as your engagement ring
  •  Buy from auctions
  •  Search the classified ads for discount jeweleries
  •  Look for good pieces at pawn shops
  •  Purchase a ring with smaller stones


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