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Morganite – Rare Yet Affordable Beauty

 Peach Pink Morganites - Feminine Elegance in Facets


  Soft clear pink is an appealing, universally flattering color that has many pleasant associations: sunrise on a fair spring day, a Peach Pink Morganite Engagement Ringfreshly-unfurled tea rose, the bright smooth complexion of a healthy young child, or the sweet appeal of a ripe succulent summer fruit, such as a peach.
 This beautiful hue is rarely seen in gemstones, but the morganite is a semi-precious beauty that embodies that very color. Most morganites are soft in color, though some are fairly vivid in hue. Morganite is considered to have soothing, calming, and cheering effects; it’s used in gemstone therapy to treat stress-related problems.

  Morganite, along with better-known gemstones such as emeralds and aquamarines, is a beryl, and until 1911, it was known simply as “pink beryl.” This rather inadequate name was then changed, at the suggestion of New York gemologist G. F. Kunz, to “morganite,” after famous banker and mineral collector John Pierpont Morgan. Pure beryl is colorless, but if the element manganese is intercalated, the result is the singular pink beauty called morganite. Morganite primarily comes from deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and California. Morganites occur in a variety of pink shades – some are a “definite” pink, while others have lilac, light violet, or even peach undertones. Morganites are often heat-treated, to attain a purer, more appealing pink color; heat tends to drive away yellowish or orange tones in the gem. This treatment is not only undetectable, but it is also stable and will not fade. Pink has been a “hot” color in the realms of fashion and beauty recently, so it follows that the hue is and will be a sought-after one in the world of gemstone jewelry, as well.

  Though relatively rare, morganite is a moderately-priced gem, which puts morganite jewelry within the means of many lovers of fine jewelry. Morganite is 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that it boasts good wearing qualities, and is suitable for a variety of pieces, such as engagement and cocktail rings, as well as pendants and earrings.

  When choosing a morganite, bigger is better, since only in stones larger than a certain size does the unique allure of the gem’s color show to its best advantage. Strong hues in morganite are rare, and these gems typically need to be large to achieve the best color.
  Morganites generally do not have inclusions that are visible to the unaided eye. When shopping for a piece of morganite jewelry, consider cut as well as color, because only a skillful cut will highlight the brilliant beauty of the sparkling pink stone. Morganites are cut in all standard shapes, as well as in distinctive designer cuts. Morganite combines affordability, durability, and the singularly exquisite color of hope, love, and promise. These highly desirable qualities make morganite an outstanding choice for a gift of love. Jewelry Point offers an assortment of beautiful, high-quality morganite engagement rings as well as cocktail rings set with these stunning natural beauties.




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