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Yellow Gold - A Timeless Trend

Why Yellow Gold Never Gets "Old".


Since the ancient times gold has been a prized commodity treasured for its ability to remain untarnished when exposed to air and water.  In its pure form it is a bright yellow metal that is soft and malleable, as well as, one of the least reactive chemical agents found in nature.  Gold has been used for coinage, jewelry, and art since pre-recorded history. Every culture across the globe and throughout history valued gold. 

Yellow Gold Infinity Promise Ring

Desire to find and control gold has shaped nations through war, political intrigue and marriage, and economic upheaval. Even today, despite the fact that most of the world economies do not use the gold standard to back its currencies, the price of gold remains high and is considered a good investment as it tends to hold its value against bubble market collapses. Today gold has a wide variety of applications besides jewelry and art. It is widely used in dentistry, medicine and medical research, industrial applications, electronics, and commercial chemistry. Nonetheless, consumers are most familiar with gold in its decorative function as jewelry.

As was mentioned earlier, in its pure form 24K gold is yellow, soft and malleable. Jewelry pieces made from 24K gold tend to be soft and are often found in ethnic jewelry showcasing beautiful hammered, sculptured, and engraved designs. Gold that is 22K and bellow is an alloy that is achieved by smelting a variety of metals that may enhance its hardness and/or color. For instance: adding 25% of copper to the alloy produces a reddish hue that is characteristic of Ancient Rome.  Yellow gold that is bellow 24K is achieved by adding copper, silver, and other metals to the alloy.  While the first instinct of a new buyer may be too look for "pure" gold, highest carat gold is often unsuitable for modern jewelry as it is too soft.

Despite modern trends for white and rose goldyellow gold has maintained is timeless appeal.  A recent article by featured a varied selection of yellow gold jewelry pieces illustrating that it is trendy and classic at the same time.  The appeal of yellow gold jewelry can be easily seen in a classic Chanel bag paired with several diamond bangle bracelets, a demure heart necklace, or twist hoop earrings.  It can be a chic promise ring to start off a jewelry collection or an extravagant cocktail ring to make a statement at a party.  No matter the budget, the trend, and the taste - yellow gold fits any niche and style.  Thus, while trends in precious metals may come and go - yellow gold has and shall remain a timeless trend.


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